My recipe for Kvass

I have been tweaking a personal kvass recipy. I feel it has reached the point where it can be written down, although there may still be some editing done to it.


  • 500g rye bread
  • about 5l water
  • raisons (optional)
  • 100g sugar
  • 10g brewers yeast

You also will need some muslin cloth.

Try get 100% rye. I have tried 60% and 100%, and the pure rye bread makes it a lot better.
I don’t like it too sweet, so try this, and adjust your sugar if you need to.
For a while the only yeast I could find was instant yeast. This still works, but it seems to activate a bit quicker


Dry the bread

The first thing you want to do is break the bread up a bit (I break each slice into qurters) and lay it out in an ovan tray. Bake the bread on about 180 until it has compltly dried out, turning it over once the top has dried out.

I find that it is best to pull it out just before the bread starts to burn. If it starts to smoke it has been in a little to long, but the point just before that is purfect.

You can also use a toaster, and just toast each slice of bread, that is up to you.

Soak bread

Put the bread into one or two large containers. I use two 3l jugs. You could also a large pot, if that is what you have.

Throw in a handfull of rainsons.

Boil 4l of water (in the kettle), and pour it over the bread. For me that is two kettles of 2l, one for each jar.

Caramel water

In a small pot, carmalise about 60g of sugar, and disolve it into a leter of boiled water.

Let it stand

Put the caramel water, and the bread jars aside and just let them cool down.
Time is needed for the bread to flavour the water, and you want to wait for both to be just above room temprature so you don’t harm the yeast when that is mixed in.


Once the bread water is at room temprature, you can drain it into another pot.
Line a sift with muslin cloth, and pour the water through it, cathing bread chunks and raisons.

The bread can be thrown away, and the jars should be rinced out.

Mix yeast

Mix 10g of yeast and 40g sugar into the caramel water. once it is mixed, pour the liquid back into the jars.

The mixture with the yeast needs time to brew. Keep it in a fairly warm place, with a towel over the jars to keep a bit of extra heat in.

Keep an eye on the liquid, you should see it forming a very fine foam layer on top. Let it stand for about half an hour longer, for the foam to start disapaiting.


Line a funnle with muslin cloth, and slowly pour the liquid into old water or colddrink bottles.

Close the bottles, and put them in the fridge, at least over night.
It is drinkable the next day, but I find it best after about two days.


Please let me know if you try this, and any of your own tweaks you add.


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