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Tipping on a bottomless coffee

How much do you tip when having a bottomless coffee? I feel you should tip per cup, even if you only pay for one. so, if a bottomless coffee costs R20, and you drink 3, you should tip as though your bill is R60. Any thoughts on that?


This is a follow up to my previous post. I have types HTML, to see how it is formatted, if at all. I have also used the link for the first time. You just need to select text and then press the link button, then type in a URL. I think it would be great if you could press the link button without selecting text. I also think there should be an option for selecting a link to one of your posts. Anyway, I enjoyed do the small review. I will try do it for more apps. --Edit 31 August 2011, 18:04 Adding the HTML mark-up to the text editor removed WYSIWYG formatting when posting.

My thoughts on the save icon

Is the "Save Icon" going to change any time soon?

I think it is already quite outdated, but even Microsoft Office 2010,
with it's amazing interface uses a 3½" floppy disk as a "Save Icon".The problem with this is that nobody actually uses floppy disks anymore.
Should the standard "Save Icon" not be updated for something more
relevant for our time?

People could argue that everybody knows what it is, and what it means,
but what about the next generation of computer users? Most of us grew up with Floppy Disks 3½", or 5¼". We would copy games
from our friends, that where zipped over up to 15, or even more,
floppy disks. MS-DOS, and Windows came on floppy disks, it was just a
part of life, and the save icon makes sense to us.
But, what about the next generation...

Games, and other software no longer ever come on CD-ROM anymore, they
are on DVD, and now even Blu-ray.

The only way to install Mac OS X Lion is to download it from the Internet, an…

Happy New Year

It is a new year, or so they say, we are however still existing on the same timeline as we always did, and the only reason that we start a new year when we do is because some guy, about 2764 "Years" ago said it should be.

I have not been very productive during December regarding anything I was wanting to do last year, but I have managed to keep very busy with multiple random things.

I managed to finish a book I was reading: Spud Learns to Fly.

I have started reading Scar Tissue.

Work official starts again tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it, and will try get back into a regular routine, including getting all computers set up the way I need/want them to be.

I have felt extremely "offline" over the last few months, and would like to correct that as soon as possible.

More complications

In a post last week I mentioned that my ppp0 connection would keep dropping whenever IP_Forwarding was enabled.
Over the weekend I was trying again to get it sorted out.  I was using a Windows computer to test with, and I got it working perfectly.  I thought everything was cool, until I connected my MacBook again, and the connection started dropping, like it did before.  I really don't know what a Mac would be doing differently, but it just doesn't work (WiFi and Ethernet do the same thing).
The plan was to put a different OS on the MacBook anyway, so I decided to do that, and then see if it worked. I did not manage to do this ether.  The optical drive in the MacBook is giving trouble.  It wont accept any disk.  It will sometimes the MacBook Installation Disk, but it wont work with any other disk I tried.
I had burned the Arch Linux installation disk from the Windows computer, so I wanted to try burn the disk from the MacBook, but it wouldn't accept any blank CDs, it just kee…

Just a quick catch up

I have been wanting to write a post for a while, where I go through each app I have on my iPod Touch, and then find an equivalent for my Android Cell Phone.  I have not had time to do this yet, but it is on it's way.
I have mostly been busy with moving. I am busy moving in with friends at the moment, maybe there will be more on that sometime, who knows.
Another mini project I am looking at is putting Linux onto my MacBook to start playing with that again.  I installed Debian on my MacMini a week or two ago as well.  It is running, and I can get it online, but as soon as I enable IP_Forwarding the ppp0 connection goes up and down.  There are a few things I want to try, to see if I can sort this out.  I have been using iptables for forwarding, but I can also try other things (I really know nothing about NAT and Masquerading, etc).  It looks like something called iproute2 might be an option.  I can also try changing the MTU of the ppp0 interface to see if that makes any difference, mayb…